SPM 2008

To SPM 2008 candidates, especially our goalie – Jim, UnderGround FC wishes all of you the best in the once-in-a-lifetime examination. Hopefully God blesses everyone of you and may you all score with flying colours.

While to those who just finished their final examination last week, make full use of this coming year-end holiday – relax, enjoy yourselves, have fun but never forget to do some studying/reading. May happiness showers you people during this long but rainy holiday.

Good Luck.

Pre-Raya Friendly

I am writing as the captain of UnderGround FC to express my thoughts about the friendly match this morning, on behalf of the team, but expressed views are personal and do not reflect the views and perspective of the team as a whole as well as views of other players.

The postponement of the kick-off time was a blame to be put onto our shoulders when UnderGround players did not manage to show up on time. I sincerely apologise to our opponents for our time misjudgement.

The game started around 9.15am and UnderGround players were playing well. We were unlucky to not have our full squad but most of our star players did make it to contribute in the game. During the first half, Chung the manager scored the opener after he beat two defenders before the opposing goalie.

The opposing team (which we have no idea of their team name) did make a few strikes and crosses that forced Jim the UnderGround goalie to make some saves. However, luck seemed to be on our side when Steven the captain netted the second courtesy of Sean’s pass.

Two-nil was the score at half time.

After a short rest, second half started. This time around, UnderGround lacked some firepower in its forward line and conceded a goal which looked like a handball-goal. We let up on it and 2-1 was the score. 15 minutes before the game ended, Soo Hong the winger left for badminton causing the team to lack even more attacking force.

Later, the opposing team equalised and I felt an intense dissatisfaction for my forward line players were not very helpful by leaving three of us defenders defending the goal against up to five forwards of the opposing team. The score was 2-2 and we were still playing.

Soon, a joke turned out to be war of words causing an extreme ire in the air. I am really sorry for my player was not able to control his temper and I apologise. But then, someone struck my player from his back and there were two of them and THAT was simply intolerable. It was more than disgraceful for them to have used their fists and legs in a war of mouth and they did not apologise for the incident.

I am very disappointed and I regret what had happened but I am even greatly disappointed at those who started physical attacks in an argument and at the provokers as well. A fight was the last thing I’d like to see in a friendly football match and I believe same goes to the other players.

The game ended there and 2-2 was the score. I earnestly hope that every single occurrence on the pitch started there ends there. It’s all in the game after all.

UnderGround FC line-ups: Jim, Weng Liang, Weng Ju, Caleb, Steven, Nelson, Ewen, Sean, Joe, Chung, Soo Hong. Substitutes: None. Full time score: 2-2. Goal scorers (UGFC): Chung, Steven. Assists (UGFC): Steven, Sean.

Selamat Hari Raya

UnderGround FC wishes all the Muslims in Malaysia (especially in Terengganu) a very Selamat Hari Raya. Hope everyone – no matter young or old, Muslims or non – enjoys such a great occasion.

Special one to Ibrahim, Ezzat and Afiq and all the other ex-SMK Sultan Sulaiman Malay students, all the best and happy celebrating Hari Raya!


Hey peeps, it’s been quite some time this site has been updated. Sorry for that.

Anyway, the UnderGround folks are coming back to Terengganu pretty soon, in a week or two’s time, for the Raya holidays, which means almost the whole team will be around in late September. We will – as we always do – try to find some time to play football or futsal so if you’re interested to join us or you’d like us to join you guys, don’t hesitate to let us know ok?

Simply leave a comment under this post and we’ll entertain you as fast as possible =)

Cheers and Happy Berpuasa to all Muslims in Malaysia (particularly those who know us and our Malay players – Ibrahim, Ezzat and Afiq).

Gathering on June 7th

For the sake of keeping this blogsite alive…

I’m posting about the recent gathering happened in KT, the origins of UnderGround FC. lol.

Ivan the beaver got back in Terengganu for a brand new seven-hundred-bucks watch and of course, to pay a visit to his family, and friends. The locals (I mean those who’re still in Terengganu) got out for a drink.

First we went to Towncity (a restaurant). After staying there for a while and a silly phone conflict, we moved (I mean, changed location) to Bora Bora Cafe (which wasn’t in my favourites list). Anyway, after enjoying my cup of ice-blended cappocino, we went to the beach.

Sat there and talked and talked and talked and gossiped for like… two hours or something? Yeah, crazy. And we finally gone home at 1.20am. We actually sat on the beach until 1.20 in the morning. Whoa. I mean WHOA. That was the first time in my life. Hahaha…

Anyway, it was nice. We had nice chat just among us. Seriously, it had never been any nicer to sit down and talk. I mean, you know.. among friends.. Talk, joke, laugh and spend time together. All those are priceless.

You can’t get those even with ten platinum credit cards.

Hi people, this is your team captain – Steven Tan – blogging 😉

UnderG Manager, ChungKiddo get his typhoid injection today in his college, Taylors College School Of Hospitality and Tourism. Well, its compulsory for all Hospitality and Culinary Art students to get the typhoid injection because typhoid injection to prevent hand food and mouth disease. It is important to prevent this disease especially for those who work in food and beverage industries. Our manager had choose Diploma In Hotel Management. As the course include culinary art and restaurant…our manager nid to get the injection. Its took almost 2 hours to get everything done. The injection doesn’t feel pain at all, but after the injection, the left arm would be powerless. Even just lift it up and it would feel the arm is so heavy.
Thats all about Manager of UnderG. More bout UnderG Members coming up soon…

Underground FC had been very quite lately as most of the players had already left KT to further their studies including their manager, ChungKiddo. But this is not the end of us, so the team Captain, Steven came out with the idea of updating this blog with happenings among our players and UnderG Gangiesz. So stay with tuned and you’ll keep track of UnderGround FC members’ updates.

UnderGround FC never sinks. Cheers!